Our vision and values

From Knowledge To Value-Adding Reality


HITAS is Cameroon’s leading Smart University Institution, globally renowned for practical oriented and innovative education, with graduates that shape a better world for humanity.

In times of constant change, we are always faced with new, sometimes gigantic challenges. We cannot know what the future will bring – neither on a social nor on an economic, technical or scientific level. However, we can equip ourselves with the skills and competencies that are required to deal with new things constructively, to be able to react competently to new things – and thus ultimately to create something new and relevant.

The HITAS offers more than just academic awards. HITAS has a holistic education goal, that goes beyond short-term employability optimization. The educational ideal of the HITAS is that of the competent, creative, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovative, entrepreneurial personality that is adaptive to changes in the world. Our graduates master the tasks and challenges of the future.


Embracing a culture of Ethics and Integrity

Seeking Kindness and showing compassion (human heartedness) for the well-being of all our students, staff, stakeholders and the HITAS community

Embracing diversity in all its forms by being honest, transparent, credible and respectful

Showing commitment to everything that we undertake as a university institution; delivering uncompromising quality service, and always searching for better ways of doing things;

Taking Accountability and accepting responsibility for all our actions

Supporting innovative research and technology transfer

International oriented in cooperation and knowledge transfer

Helping our students to leverage on  knowledge and solutions for the benefit of our society



Prof. Norbert Grünewald. 

Vice-president in charge of Academic Affairs and International cooperation 


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