HITAS offers 14 programmes in four different schools.

Our Bachelor’s degree is a four-year cycle, including the first semester that is devoted to capacity-building in fundamental subjects, and intensive English or French language courses. This is to make sure that the institution and its students are fully bilingual.


Students who obtain their Baccalaureat or GCE Advanced level with good grades will be admitted automatically. For the others, their admission will be by reviewing of their school record, so that in the light of their progression during the last three years in the secondary school, their will and motivation to work hard during the training can be evaluated.

Required documents

  • A letter of motivation addressed to the President of HITAS
  • A certified photocopy of the birth certificate of less than three months old
  • Photocopies of 2nde, 1ere and Terminale or Form 5 and Upper sixth school reports
  • A copy of the Baccalaureat or GCE Advanced level diploma
  • Two passport size photographs
  • An application fee of 10,000CFAF
  • A A4 envelope bearing the candidate’s address

            Please note that uncompleted application will not be accepted.

Confirmation after admittance

The student’s place is confirmed only after admittance and the signing of the tripartite agreement between HITAS, the student, and his/her parents for an effective personalized follow-up of each student.

After signing the tripartite agreement and their registration, students are entitled to

A laptop

A laboratory coat

Two uniforms

Bachelor Programmes

👉🏿Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

👉🏿Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Technology

👉🏿Bachelor in Computer Science

👉🏿Bachelor in Data Science

👉🏿Bachelor in Information Systems Management

👉🏿Bachelor in Architectural Studies

👉🏿Bachelor in Business Administration and International Management

👉🏿Bachelor in Business Informatics and Entrepreneurship

👉🏿Bachelor in Internaltional Studies

👉🏿Bachelor in Nursing

👉🏿Bachelor in Midwifery

👉🏿Bachelor in Gerontology 

👉🏿Bachelor in Biomedical Analysis

👉🏿Bachelor in Reneawable Energies

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Why Choose Us


We help our students to leverage knowledge and solutions for the benefit of our society


We build graduates who are effectively operational on the professional level and prepared for self-employment


We build graduates who are effectively operational on the professional level and prepared for self-employment

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